In touch with one touch

As businesses go increasingly digital, and being constantly connected becomes the norm, causing communication processes to become dynamic, complex and critical. Resulting in a dependence upon efficient communication.

gtbase designs push-to-talk solutions based upon your business’ communication processes and needs. Our knowledge, commitment and support are comprised into our services, combined with the powerful push-to-talk app to smarten your critical communication.

Giving groups a voice.

Just push to talk without any geography restrictions.

Empowering teams through instant and crystal clear voice.

The five fundamentals

What exactly makes the gtbase company so remarkable? It are the Fundamental Five:

up and running in minutes.

Simply download the app and instantly turn your mobile into a powerful collaboration tool for your distributed workforce.

highest quality infrastructure.

A user-friendly app is great, but you also want to be sure that what is behind the interface is rock solid.

fully encrypted? you bet.

Relying on SSL (https) and AES 256-bit encryption for secure voice and data communication.

gtbase equals flexibility

Using your existing smartphone (BYOD) for push-to-talk services is extremely cost effective compared to buying a traditional two-way radio.

communication, 21st century style.

Modern businesses require modern solutions. As a result of our inhouse technical development team, tailormade solutions are offered because every business manages unique communication processes.

how does the push-to-talk app work?