about gtbase


gtbase delivers and manages a group communication solution critical to enabling your business to increase your mobile workforce’s efficiency and safety. Our powerful push-to-talk app and custom services are all designed to work seamlessly with your existing internal and/or external communication flows.

you decide the best fit

In order to support your groups in communicating as efficiently and effectively as possible, we always begin with your unique situation:

  • What has to be communicated and under what conditions?
  • Who needs to be included and why?
  • What does each communication line need to achieve? Together with you, our experts optimize and strengthen your communication processes, ensuring not only greater safety for your workforce but also providing you with a strategic advantage. An organization is only as strong as its weakest communication link. And our solutions are extremely flexible – you decide what level of involvement is appropriate. We can provide robust but basic support or take care of every aspect, from design and installation to ongoing management and support.

cross-border ingenuity

gtbase is the largest and most important strategic partner of Swedish-based Grouptalk, the creators of the eponymously named push-to-talk app. The combination of Swedish ingenuity and Dutch practicality makes for a formidable partnership, enabling us to develop a solution for all your group communication needs. We work closely with Grouptalk’s development team and, if you can imagine it, we can provide it. Our sales team is happy to visit you! Schedule a meeting today, by contacting our Sales team: info@gtbase.eu

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