giving groups a voice

“What are your needs for group communication?” That’s the question gtbase starts with. From there, almost anything is possible because Grouptalk’s flexible cloud service offers endless add-on possibilities to its basic functions, depending on what you, the customer, need the push-to-talk app to do.

it couldn't be safer or simpeler to use

Tailor-made solutions are always possible. If you require it, Grouptalk’s R&D team can develop it and we can incorporate it!

Grouptalk’s basic package consists of:

  • Push to Talk
  • Scalable for an infinite number of users
  • Cloud service: easy and cost effective
  • Participation in one or multiple groups
  • Carrier neutral: mobile subscriptions from any operator or connect via WiFi

the five fundamentals

the add on functionalities

Grouptalk’s flexible cloud service offers additional features that can be combined to meet your unique communication needs and workflows:


computer-based dispatch

Manage and support your entire mobile workforce real-time from a computer. A dispatcher can monitor multiple push-to-talk groups and private calls simultaneously, as well as manage queues, panic alarms and view real-time user locations.

  • Real time Location Tracking
  • Record, Store & Replay all Voice Communication

panic alarm

The safety of your people is paramount. The Panic Alarm function allows you to instantly alert colleagues and an Emergency Operations Center when help is required. Various safety features can be enabled when an alarm is triggered: SMS broadcast, automatic dialup for duplex communication or remote voice listen-in over IP, real-time location tracking, and alerts to the computer dispatcher and all your Grouptalk enabled devices.

private call

In addition to group push-to-talk, private calls can be made between two users. This creates a temporary half duplex push-to-talk session open only to those two callers.


In situations when a mobile worker requires assistance from a dispatcher, but an immediate response is not urgent, users can make a dispatcher request without disrupting their workflow. This allows the dispatcher managing the queue to take appropriate actions for each queue ticket. It is possible to configure multiple and prioritized queues. An intuitive workflow enables multiple dispatchers to manage the same queues.


This feature allows dispatchers to participate in multiple push-to-talk groups. While a mobile phone client can only operate in one group at a time, a computer dispatcher client can have full access to multiple push-to-talk groups simultaneously.


Grouptalk even supports inter-organizational communication. In cases where two or more organizations using the Grouptalk app would like to share a network resource like push-to-talk groups or alarms, shared services are possible.

radio bridge

Your legacy systems are not forgotten! A radio bridge is used to connect existing two-way radio systems to Grouptalk users (both mobile and computer dispatch clients).

in touch with one touch

getting everyone talking

Below are 6 industries in which we are currently active. Although very different, what they have in common is one or more of the following needs:

1) Update their communication tools. 2) Incorporate new functionality. 3) Rely on rock-solid security.

In cases where an organization would like to add new functionality but hold on to their legacy system, gtbase is able to deliver a hybrid model which services both the push-to-talk app (on smartphones) and traditional radios.


When crisis strikes, the Panic Alarm can instantly share a guard’s live location with the entire group enabling everyone to listen in until the crisis is resolved.

(Public) transport

Enabling truck drivers, home-office staff and warehouse teams to be proactively in touch with each other, make loading and unloading quicker and more efficient.

Public safety

Use public data streams while remaining invisible to criminals. And distance is never an issue.

Events & Leisure

Efficient communication makes tightly scheduled build-ups problem-free. And, gtbase offers daily Grouptalk licenses, which is cost efficient!


Smart communication can decrease production time, boosting efficiency even while securing employees’ safety. Using ruggedized devices? Not a problem! Grouptalk works even on ruggedized devices.


Turn-around times just got a boost! The onboard crew is now able to communicate easily with ground personnel, smoothing the unloading/loading process.